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The internet will very rarely find the best lawyer for you. Most of the people you find are just really good advertisers. We put this free resource together to help people without financial means or connections find the best possible lawyer.

We are a small, dedicated group of legal insiders who are volunteering to help match people who really need help to the best lawyers in their area.


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Who We Are

We are a team of industry insiders who have worked with law firms for years. We have seen first hand how people who have means are able to find great lawyers for their cases while others are left to research attorneys in their area by themselves. We do not charge to find you an attorney and you don’t have to use our recommendation.

How It Works

We are a small group of non-lawyers who have worked in the legal industry for decades. Our team has seen how under privileged people do not get the proper legal representation. If you don’t know a lawyer or have good connections, you are left to do research online where you will just find local attorneys who are good advertisers. We cannot help everyone. This service is for people who are really hurt or have been exploited and do not have the means to find a good attorney. If this is you, please fill out one of our forms above and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Other Legal Issues

Criminal Defense | Family Law

If you have any of these other legal issues we still may be able to help. Our service is always free to you but, the attorneys who work in these areas charge a fee. Let us know if you need us to connect you to someone in your area.