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About Us

We Never Charge For Our Service and We Will Only Introduce You To Lawyers Who Work On Contingency

We are a small, committed group of individuals who understand the challenges faced by those who have been historically overlooked. We believe in leveling the playing field for people who don’t have the financial resources or influential connections to access top-tier legal assistance.

Our team has extensive experience in the legal field, even though we aren’t lawyers ourselves. This unique perspective allows us to see beyond the typical insider relationships among attorneys and focus solely on connecting you with the very best legal representation you deserve.

While we can’t assist everyone, our dedication is centered on those dealing with significant legal issues and who lack the means to secure the finest lawyer independently. Our service is entirely free, and the attorneys in our network only charge a fee if they succeed in winning compensation for you.

Our Network

When working in the legal industry you come across all types of lawyers.  Some will have several practice areas and others will only work on a specific niche area of the law.  And, just like not all chefs or doctors or football players are the same, neither are lawyers.  Below is just a partial list of different legal specialties.  No attorney can be great at all of them.


Through our years of working in this industry, we have gotten to know which attorneys are experts at their specific niche.  This is by know means saying that there are only a couple of good lawyers out there.  In most cases, any attorney with good experience will be able to do a competent job.  That’s why we are only offering our services to people with extreme legal needs who do not have the financial resources or connections to find a true legal specialist.  We are here to help the person who is going up against a pharmaceutical company or an employer with dozens of lawyers,


Why We Are Different

Attorneys cannot pay us to be part of our network.  This is not an online directory where anyone can sign up.  Lawyers can be nominated through this website or referred to us by other legal insiders.  If you are in an area that we don’t have a legal specialist, we’ll put out a call to our network to find someone.  We may find someone in your hometown or they could be 3 states away.  Our only concern is finding you someone who has the experience you need and will work on contingency.  Your access to the best legal help should not be limited by your financial situation.