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Our Mission

We Never Charge For Our Service and We Will Only Introduce You To Lawyers Who Work On Contingency

We are a small, dedicated group of legal insiders who are trying to level the playing field.  People with money have no problem finding the best attorney for themselves.  But, there are many people who do not have the financial means or network to get the best legal representations.

Our team has worked in the legal industry for years but, we are not attorneys.  This allows us to look past crony, lawyer to lawyer, relationships and just provide the best possible attorney to someone who is really in need.  

We cannot help everyone so we’re only focused on those who have a major legal issue and does not have the means to find the best lawyer on their own.  Our service is free an all of the attorneys in our network only charge if they are able to win money for you.

Why We Exist

My colleagues and I have been on the inside of the legal industry for decades.  For the most part, everything works out just the way it should.  A person has a legal issue, they ask a friend or do a search online and find a lawyer that they trust to help them with their case.  But, in the most extreme examples, people who don’t have the financial resources, end up with sub par representation.

For example, if someone is hit by a car while crossing the street and suffers minor injuries, just about any personal injury lawyer will do.  But, if that person had a traumatic brain injury or was killed, only a seasoned trial attorney should work on that case.  A complex personal injury case could cost the law firm (not you the client) hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring to trial.  The lawyer needs to acquire medical records, hire experts in the medical field, accident reconstruction and even other lawyers who are hyper focused on specific areas of the law.  The investment comes at the sole expense of the law firm.  Not all law firms have the financial resources to invest in a case like that and the insurance companies know it.  If you hire the wrong legal representation, they may be forced to settle your case for less than it’s worth.

Think Of It This Way

As someone who has worked with lawyers for nearly 20 years, we take it for granted what we know.  So let’s think about this from a perspective that we can all relate to.  Think of the best restaurant near you.  One that you love because the food is amazing the the service is excellent.  Now do a search online for “best restaurant near me”.   Where is your restaurant on that list?  If it’s #1, great.  But odds are it’s not even close.  That real estate on the search engines is reserved for restaurants who pay to be at the top or have a marketing team that has optimized their website for great rankings.  The exact same thing is true in the legal industry.  If you depend on the internet to find you the best lawyer you will most likely just find a great marketing company.

Our service is very specialized and we cannot find a lawyer for everyone in the country who is looking for legal services.  That’s why we are only here to help people who need it the most.  If that sounds like you, please reach out and we will connect you with an amazing lawyer at no cost to you.